Decisions – Suzuki Van Van

Every time I googled ‘small bikes’ or ‘bikes for learners’ the Suzuki Van Van would come up. It caught my attention because I thought it looked chunky and fun and with it’s big balloon tyres it was quite quirky too. I really liked the retro colours and you could get a second hand one for a good price. But most of all it was small. It seemed to tick all of my boxes.

A bit of digging turned up some mixed reviews for the Van Van. Some complained about the instability due to the fat tyres and other said it was clunky and slow. Royal Jordanian rode one into London and he thought it was pretty cool for a 125.


I continued the search and spotted a red one for sale at Hunts so we went to have a look. To be honest it wasn’t great in the flesh. I was disappointed again because I’d convinced myself it would be really good and the perfect height for me. In reality it was MUCH bigger than it looked online and quite cumbersome with it’s ultra wide handle bars and wide, flat seat. Oh well!

I still like the Van Van and some of the customised ones i’ve seen since look absolutely ace, it just wasn’t the right bike for me at the time.  I think if you live on a beach and carry a surfboard you’d love this bike.



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