Hello Sunshine


Welcome to One Girl Two Wheels. You’re either here because you’re a friend and you’ve finally given in to my annoying ‘go look at my new shiny blog’ demands or you’ve accidentally found me on your internet travels whilst looking for the other thing that contains ‘two’ ‘girl’ and ‘one’ in the title. Either way, i’m so chuffed you’re here!

What’s this blog actually about then?

Okay well, after many years living with a biker and more recently riding pillion with him, I’ve been getting more and more into bikes. I took the leap and did my CBT last year (this was a BIG deal for me but more on this later) and since then, i’ve been thinking about getting my own set of wheels.

‘Yeah, yeah and…?’ I hear you say.

Well, after many hours trawling the net I realised that there just aren’t that many articles, blogs or sites that cater for new riders/female riders/short arses like me. Don’t get me wrong, there is literature out there, I just don’t seem to connect with a lot of it. Maybe it’s just me?

Anyway, at the time of doing my CBT I wanted to know what the experience was really like, not just look at videos of Kelly Holmes whizzing past the camera in her hi vis vest. What’s the likelihood of me falling off (it turns out high)? Will it get cancelled if it’s pissing down (turns out the answer is a big fat no)? And since then, realistically, what bikes out there are suitable for an excited but small (and annoyingly timid) rider? I couldn’t really find the answer.

So here we are. This blog is a bird’s eye view of the biking world. I aim to document my journey from zero wheels, to two and other stuff in between. Maybe my ramblings will help others out there? Who knows, hopefully.


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